Friday, July 13, 2007

Lobo Captured - Movie Preview

Lobo Captured

In "Lobo Captured", Rage finds an lobo working out in the dungeon and decides that he's not struggling enough. Lobo has his legs locked into the spreader bar and chained up to the ceiling, then wrists chained up to the ceiling, hogtied with the spreader bar holding back his ankles and wrists, and finally chained into the sling. Rage takes his time pounding on his chest and abs, gagging and blindfolding lobo and finally ripping off his leather jock to milk a HUGE load out of the poor struggling boy. Also includes 2 bonus videos, "Lobo on the edge" and "Caught in the kitchen"!

Pool Anyone ? - Chapter 1

Chapter 1
I was the last to arrive at my friend's house, whichsurprised me because I wasn't late, which meant theywere all early. That was surprising. I did my usualquick knock and walked right in.
"Hey. Whasssup?" I greeted them as I entered. "You'reall early!" I said in a teasing tone.
"Hey, Man. We were just talking and we don't want togo shoot pool tonight." Steven spoke up.
"Oh come on! Why not?" I asked. I love to shoot pool!I went through college on a pool playing scholarship,believe it or not. It's my sport, my thing. I rulewhen it comes to shooting pool.
"It's too fucking boring to play with you." Stevencontinued being the mouth for the four of them.
"What do you mean? I'm the best man!" I replied ingood humor.
"That's just it. You never miss and we end up watchingyou play. Then you lord it over us like some snottyand cocky little kid. It gets old really quick." Hesaid. The others just kind of stared and nodded toshow they all agreed. My heart sank.
"Okay, I'm sorry. I won't pull that shit anymore.Please can we go, please? I promise I'll be cooltonight. C'mon guys. I love shooting pool." I gavethem my best smile and all my charm and beg in a wayI've learned works with Steven. The rest will alwaysfollow the two of us. He gives in and we go to thelocal bar, which has a couple of pool tables. We snagone to play.
There's a guy standing at the bar who catches myattention. He makes it pretty obvious that I've caughthis as well. He doesn't take his eyes off of me as webegin to play.
We bank off the cushion to see who will go first and Itake it. I break perfectly landing two balls andfinish the table in rapid succession. It's two roundsbefore I miss one and the guys are already bored andpissed. I razz them a bit trying to break the mood. Itdoesn't work. "Oh come on stop being a bunch ofwusses! Steven you fucking rule on the tennis courtbut I still play every week, and Jimmy, you kill me inracquetball but I still play. This is my sport."
Jimmy's pissed. "Yeah but you still get to play whenwe're winning and we just sit here bored to deathwatching you shoot." He takes his shot and misses."Fuck it." He says handing the stick to Cliff who alsomisses. Steven gets in two before missing, he hands itback to me, and I land 18 straight balls.
"This isn't fun." Steven replies when I turn around."We don't want to play anymore."
"Fine." I reply really annoyed.
"I'll play you." The guy from the bar who was watchingme says.
"You're on!" I'm excited at the chance to keepplaying.
"But, " he goes on; "we have to make it interestingfor everyone."
"What do you mean?"
"A side wager." He has a cocky grin on his face.
I'm not intimidated. I've won plenty of money shootingpool. "Ten bucks? A dollar a ball? You name it."
"Nope. I have no interest in money and that wouldn'tbe interesting to anyone else." He had everyone'sattention now.
"What are you talking about then?" I was totallyconfused.
"I want to kick you in the balls." He didn't sayanything else.
"What the fuck are you talking about?"
"It's simple. I win, I kick you in the balls." Hisstare was intense. My friends were cheering him on.
"Come on man, you can't be serious." My hand wentinstinctively over my balls as if to protect them.
"I'm serious. I want to kick you in the balls." Hisvoice was low and steady.
"Why?" I asked dumbfounded and trying to figure thisout.
"Because you deserve it and I want to do it." Hisstare never wavered. My friends listened and watchedintently.
"What's in it for me? What if I win? What do I get?I'm not interested in kicking you in the balls so it'snot a fair bet." I tried to get out of it and saveface.
"I want to kick you in the balls." FUCK! He just keptsaying that! Both of my hands were hovering over myballs partly to protect them and partly because I wasembarrassed as hell to be popping a boner. "What doyou want if you win? Name it. You can have anythingyou want because you won't win." This guy was reallypissing me off.
"If I win you blow me right here in front ofeveryone." I figured he'd never take the bet.
Without flinching he said, "You're on." My friends andhalf the bar went wild. "If I win I kick you in theballs three times."
Fuck! "You never said three times. The bet was foronce." My heart was pounding.
"I never said how many times. I'd have been satisfiedwith one until you got hard thinking about it. Now Iwant three."
My face turned bright red knowing that everyone nowknew I'd popped a boner at the thought of this guykicking me in the balls. I don't know why it happenedand I didn't have time to think about it. Everyonestarted cheering. What was I supposed to do? Iaccepted the stupid bet. I'd never lost yet so I waspretty confident.
"Whoever takes the bank wins the break and calls thegame." I suggested trying to give myself the edge. Inever lose the bank shot. He nods in agreement and Itake my shot. It lands less than tow inches from thecushion. My smile matches my confidence. He takes hisshot and it bounces off the far cushion and slowly andsteadily rolls back to kiss the cushion and stops. Afucking perfect shot! Shit! Shit! Shit!
"Eight ball." He calls the game, as he breaks smoothand perfect, landing two solid balls. My stomach knotsand my heart races as my chances of winning aresinking very fast. He sweeps the table flawlessly,calls the eight ball, and makes it easy. He gentlylays his stick on the table and in the same calm andsteady voice he commands me, "Spread your fucking legsand put your hands behind your head."
Fuck! This can't be happening. My mind is racing asfast as my heart is pounding. I look to my friends forsupport. Steven says, "You made the bet, now pay up."Shit! My other friends snicker at my predicament butoffer no support.
"C'mon man. Can we do something else?" I still can'tbelieve he'd actually do it.
"Spread your fucking legs and put your hands behindyour head." He repeats it again indicating that he'snot giving in.
What am I supposed to do? If I back out I'll never beable to show my face again. Even if I did no one wouldever play or make a bet with me again. I'm screwedeither way. I take a deep breath, spread my legs, andput my hands behind my head as I was told, and bracemyself for what's coming.
"On the count of three," he tells everyone includingme. "One." He stares directly into my eyes and Irefuse to break eye contact. "Two." I can't help butlook down at my balls for a second before regaining myfocus. "Three, and by the way you dick is hard." Itbarely has time to sink in as his foot crashes into myballs sending a shockwave of pain and dropping me tomy knees. I grab my balls and curl up trying tobreathe and let the pain and cramping pass. Everyonewatches and I hear lots of talking but no one gets upto help me in any way. Not even my friends. The guy isstanding there calm and cool drinking his beer andlooking down on me.
"Tell me when you're ready." He says to me.
"Oh fuck man! C'mon. You can't be serious! Thatfucking hurt like hell! You can't do that again." Ireally think I can reason with him.
"I can and I will. Tell me when you're ready." Hetakes another swig of his beer still watching me. I'mdesperate. I look at my friends for help. "C'mon guys.Don't let him do this."
"You made the fucking bet, you gotta pay." Stevenholds firm and takes a drink of his beer. None of theothers will go against him.
I get up on my knees torn between wanting to put itoff and wanting to get it over with. It hurt like hellbut it's amazing how fast the pain passes. The guynever took his eyes off of me. I tell him I'm ready asI start to get up.
"Don't get up. Kneel there and spread your legs. Putyou hands behind your back this time." This is evenmore fucking humiliating. He goes through the routineof counting again. "One." I'm having a hard timeholding still. "Two." My legs start shaking. "You'redick is still hard." I look down to see how much it'sshowing through my jeans and he says three and landsanother kick directly to my balls! Oh Fuck! Is my onlythought as I drop into a fetal position clutching myballs and rocking back and forth. It hurts so fuckingbad!!
"Tell me when you're ready."
This guy is a fucking maniac if he thinks I'll let himdo it again. He's a fucking nut! "No way! I'm notdoing it again. No fucking way!" I tell him with allthe authority I can manage when I'm rolling on thefloor holding and rubbing my balls in a bar full ofmen who just watched and cheered as I spread my legsto let this dude kick me right in my balls.
"Tell me when you're ready." He repeats again. "If Ihave to make them hold you I'll kick your balls sofucking hard they'll come out your throat." I can tellit's not an empty threat.
Steven pipes in, "Don't embarrass yourself more. We'llhelp him if we have to. Now, get up and take it like aman." Fuck! Even he's getting on me. He has no fuckingidea how much it hurts.
I pull myself back up onto my knees. It was betterkneeling even though it was much more embarrassing. Ididn't have as far to fall to the ground and it waseasier to absorb some of the blow with the rest of mybody. He stands in front of me and I can't make eyecontact this time. I look down at the ground.
"If you don't want me to kick you then kneel down andkiss my boots." Fuck! That's totally humiliating and Ihave a hard time deciding which is worse, the pain inmy balls or the humiliation of kissing his boots. Fuckit, it hurt too bad. I bend over and kiss his bootsuntil he tells me to stop and then get back onto myknees. "Why is your dick hard?" I'm so fuckingembarrassed and I don't know why it's still hard. Whatthe fuck am I supposed to say? "He puts his footagainst my balls and says, "It's a real question and Iwant an answer, why is your dick still hard?"
"I don't know." I'm totally humiliated.
"You're on your fucking knees before me. I've alreadykicked you in the balls twice. You've kissed my feet.I think you'd better call me Sir. Now, why is yourdick still hard?"
Damn him! This is so much worse than I thought itwould be. I so fucking sorry I ever made that stupidbet! Why is my dick so fucking hard? I can feel itpulsing in my pants and pressing against my jeans. Iknow they can all see it. I usually so proud of mybulging basket but now it's humiliating to me.
"I don't know why it's hard, Sir." The Sir sticks inmy throat as I say it.
"Well, your legs are still spread and you never gotup, so I think it's because deep down inside you knowyou deserve it. On the count of three."
"Oh please no! I kissed your feet! Please don't dothis!" I all out begged.
"One." Oh fuck! The panic was rising in my throat."Two." A soft sob escaped my lips. If he said three Inever heard it as his foot connected with my ballsagain knocking me to the ground. I squirmed andwrithed in pain panting for breath and moaning outloud. He stood right in front of me and watched. "Kissmy boots again." Without even thinking about it, I didit. I leaned over and kissed both his boots. "Now geton your knees and say thank you and it's all over." Igot up on my knees and thanked him. He made nopositive gesture or any effort to comfort me.
"I'll be here this Saturday at 9:00. I'll see youthen, if you've got the balls." Everyone laughed andhe nodded to my friends and walked out of the bar.
It took me a while to get back up and walk over to myfriends. They didn't say anything to me. They gatheredup their change and walked out with me following them.They didn't say anything in the car on the way back.It was really awkward for me and I felt like shit.When we got back to his house I said I was leaving andstarted heading toward my car.
"Get your fucking ass in here, now." Steven orderedme. I followed them into the house where they allfound seats. I just stood by the door. I couldn't makeeye contact with any of them. "What the fuck wasthat?" Steven asked me.
I tried to explain that I never thought I'd lose. Imade the bet thinking I'd win.
"You were hard the whole fucking time, I could see itthrough your pants. What was that about?"
"He was really good looking and hot as hell." I triedto defend myself. "I noticed him as soon as I walkedin."
"But you didn't get hard until he said he wanted tokick you in the balls. I was watching you. You startedrubbing yourself and got an instant wood." Hepersisted and the others just kept agreeing with him,as always.
"It was just a reflex. I was protecting myself!"
"Bull fucking shit! You were turned on from the secondit started until it ended! You never tried to get upafter you kissed his feet. He gave you an out and youdidn't take it! Then you kissed his feet and thankedhim after the bet ended. You fucking did that! Youdidn't have to."
I just hung my head in humiliation and defeat. "Iwasn'thinking." Was my only defense.
"No you weren't thinking with your head, just yourdick! You liked it!" I said nothing.
"I liked it!" Cliff chimed in. It was so fucking hotwatching him get kicked in the balls like that. I hada hard on the whole time too." John and Jimmy agreedthat it was hot watching me get kicked in the balls.They said they were hard also. I couldn't believe theygot off on it like that.
Steven stood up and walked toward me. "It was fuckinghot! Spread your fucking legs. It wasn't enough for meto watch. I want to be the one to kick you in theballs." The silence hung there. I didn't move. Theothers gathered close around. I just stood there as mycock pushed against my pants quickly getting hard. Iwatched Steven's eyes drop to my crotch and a smilespread across his face. No one said anything. I spreadmy legs and put my hands behind my head. I heard Cliffwhisper, "Fuck yeah" as I felt Steven's foot connectwith my aching balls. I didn't drop down. I leanedagainst the door. I kept my legs spread and my handsclasped behind me as I tried to control and manage thepain. The second kick landed before the first onestopped hurting. Again I held my place. The silencewas deafening and the moment intense. The third kickdropped me to my knees. I slid down the door andcrumpled at their feet. I struggled to catch my breathand regain my composure. I made no effort to protectmy balls. I looked up at him with my legs spread andsaid, "Thank you, Sir." He brought his foot up to mylips and let me kiss them.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Submissive or Slave?

I recently stumbled across a profile on recon that took a few minutes to outline the difference between being a submissive and a slave. I am usually approached by men that don't seem to understand the meaning of each role so here goes the literal dictionary definition....


adjective describes someone who allows themselves to be controlled by other people: to allow another person or group to have power or authority over you


noun [C] a person who is (legally) owned by someone else and has to work for them:

any comments?

Friday, June 15, 2007

A Boy's Tale

a boy's tale....

submitted by boy lobo on meeting Sir for the first time

His salt and pepper hair gave him an air of wisdom and knowledge that...comes with both age and experience. He was not mean but rather kind. The way a professor is and very unlike any counselor, he never spoke down to, condescended one’s views or thoughts on any subject. He simply heard, pondered, and then after what seemed as if he had processed all the information gave his thoughts on the subject. “I’ll get the gag.” He said and he did. He put on with the ease that comes from that experience I mentioned. I never had been tied up before, well I had but not by a man and not for the purpose of photos. It was sort of fun. Well fun for me and anyone who likes to be in a different situation. He had tied the ropes with such an artistic flair that they emphasized the little muscles I have. I wasn’t nervous being tied up. Sure he was a stranger to me but I felt comfortable. Sure I was tied up, but he was a master and lived in a great area of town and white, like most serial killers are and wait…. Perhaps I should start at the beginning. I surfed the internet to see what sort of weirdoes were out there. People like me who were, are interested in extra curricula activities. Then I stumbled upon a name, a profile, a handsome photo accompanied by other dark twisted photos of men captured, tied up, forced into positions both natural and unnatural. I loved it; I had to meet him. We chatted. It was a ramble and I felt that he could be trusted as much as any stranger out there could be. So I went over. The place was like nothing I imagined. It was clean, bright, happy, and no signs of where this dark fantasy room I saw photos of could possibly be. Then he took me into the other room. The room I had seen in photos. This room was dark, mirrors everywhere, contraptions that must have held many men and boys and offered no escaped. I felt a sudden rush of fear and excitement wash over me and imagined if this was too much. Had I made a mistake by coming here? Was I never to be heard of again? We talked as he sat me down and talked about my first time with a guy. How confused the whole experience ha made me. Then I realized I ad been tied up. I was stuck to this table. When had I lied down? Was I drugged? No I had lied on this table removed some of my clothes. I was tied by ropes that where now holding me down, preventing my escape. I noticed all the toys…. Toys? More like thing that can be shoved into the anus. Things that can make your hands, legs, eyes, ears, mouth useless. The gag was bothersome. I felt as if I was choking, but I knew I wasn’t. I felt my underwear being slightly removed, letting my organ be visible but I could not see what was going on because the blindfold was now over my eyes. I felt his rugged hands rub over my body. I was at his mercy. I could not shout and if I had who would here my muffle screams. Ah! Pleasure filled my body. My penis was full of blood and something was pleasuring it. Not a hand but some sort of machine. He was doing it. He teased it, made me want whatever it was on me again when he removed it. My groin begged for it, pleaded for it. What seemed like years of repression suddenly vanished. I suddenly felt as if there were others out there who had lain here or somewhere like here. They had been at his mercy. He had given them pleasure, but most importantly chooses when to give them pleasure. As I burst and le out moans I suddenly didn’t feel like a freak, alone, or as if I was ever these things. He removed the blindfold and I saw the room, the world, myself as if it was new and full of possibilities. “Thank you Sir!” I said.