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Larry Flynt Reflects on Falwell Ruling 25 Years Ago in July's Hustler

Flynt Reflects on Falwell Ruling 25 Years Ago in July's Hustler

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Hustler Founder and Publisher Larry Flynt reflects on the 25th anniversary of his historic, unanimous U.S. Supreme Court victory over the Rev. Jerry Falwell in an exclusive, in-depth interview in July's Hustler.
The issue, which goes on sale tomorrow, is titled “Hypocrisy is the Enemy," and gives a "chilling look" at 10 news stories that the mainstream media doesn’t want you to know about.
The victory over Falwell a quarter of a century ago was reached in the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision in 1988, when Flynt was sued over an "offensive" ad parody in Hustler that suggested Falwell's first sexual encounter was with his mother in an outhouse.
The 8-0 decision in Flynt’s favor made parody a protected form of free speech, clarifying that a public figure cannot recover damages over “intentional infliction of emotional distress” based on parodies.

Sebastian Keys Named Associate Director at Kink Men

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Rage's Archive - Muscled Stud Razor

Here's a star performer from the Master Rage archives. 

Razor appeared in two of our best selling wrestling films a couple of years ago which should not be a surprise based on his picture. Forced to Submit was so wildly successful that we asked Lobo, his co-star to contact Razor about the possibility of a sequal. Forced to Submit 2 was the result and the sales speak for themselves. Unfortunately we haven't been able to reach this hot stud for some more of his valuable time. My buddy from one of my favorite websites, Circle Jerk Boys mentioned that Razor also filmed a few clips very early in the websites history and before Razor really packed on the muscle you see in our 2 films. Circle Jerk Boys kindly contributed a free clip featured on the Rage site from a few of Razor's early productions which are all still VERY FUCKING HOT and speaking of FUCKING, don't be too surprised who is on the receiving end of some hot fucking. lol.

Rocco Reed Was Never Gay & Quits Porn

File this story under: "Bitch, Please!"
Porner Rocco Reed has just announced his retirement from gay porn and of course he had to add something a bit different as it seems that almost every porner going into porn quits as soon as he starts.

Rocco told AVN the following:
"I would like to state that my time in the adult industry in every aspect has now come to an end, I will no longer be living in the Los Angeles area and I'm taking the step to start other business ventures. I would also like to state that I am not or never have been gay, just an adult performer. I am retiring not because of any other reason than its time to move on. Thanks."

So wait, who cares about him retiring! Why the hell did he feel the need to claim his heterosexuality in the same statement? Is this in fear that he no longer does gay porn that gay men everywhere would be coming up to him and spunking on his face? I don't think so, I mean that has already happened in his gay porn flicks for
That alone makes him sound oh so very douche-y and kinda makes me wonder why the hell he went into gay porn in the first place being that he was so popular in the straight porn world. I guess every now and then a "straight" guy just needs a big ol'cock up his ass!

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Chicago Tips for IML 2013 | BOUND by Fossil9

I wish that the boy and I were at IML this weekend but just wasn't possible.  Fossil9 posted a great tip listing complete with links etc for those attending this year.  A GREAT READ! 
2013 International Mr. Leather is just a few days away in Chicago! I am fortunate that IML is held in Chicago and I appreciate that most attendees come here from out of town to make IML such a great experience every year. If you see me and my partner around the host hotel feel free to say hi.

I have lived here all my life (except while I was out of state for college) so I wanted to share some general tips you may find useful while visiting Chicago:

  • Arrival by Air:
    • O'Hare International Airport - If your entrance to Chicago is through ORD you have a number of options to get down to the Host Hotel
      • Public Transportation (via Blue Line "L" and Bus) - If you are traveling with light bags this is your best shot. Click here to see the route I have saved on Google Maps. More information can be found at the Chicago Transit Authority's Airport Transit Page
      • Shared Ride - Airport Express (Offering Discount for IML attendees - just follow the link). I will caution you that traffic on the highway between O'Hare and downtown can be terrible in the afternoon and evening. Especially on the Friday before Memorial Day weekend. It may take 1-2 hours to get from O'Hare to downtown in peak rush hour on May 24th.
      • Do not rent a car. It is easy to get downtown from O'Hare via alternate means and parking over the weekend is very expensive. Instead would recommend saving that money and putting it towards some new gear

    • Midway Airport:
      • Public Transportation (via Orange Line "L" and Bus) - If you are traveling with light bags this is your best shot. Click here to see the route I have saved on Google Maps. More information can be found at the Chicago Transit Authority's Airport Transit Page
      • Shared Ride - Airport Express (Offering Discount for IML attendees - just follow the link).

  • Grocery Stores
    • Dominick's - About 2 blocks east of the hotel you will find this full service grocery store. This location is open 24 hours a day and it sells beer and liquor.
    • Jewel-Osco - Just 3 blocks west of the host hotel you will find a full service grocery store. This is open 6 am until midnight and it sells beer and liquor.

  • Chicago is a city of distinct neighborhoods. There are plenty of neighborhoods to explore but the the ones with the largest gay populations are Lakeview and Andersonville/Rogers Park.
    • Lakeview
      • Boystown is where the gay population of Chicago is centered. While the gay bars certainly extend beyond this boundary take a walk down Halsted St. between Addison St. and Belmont Ave. You can find gay bars in just about any direction within a few blocks of there. There are Redline L stops just west of Halsted on Belmont and Addison. Here are a few bars I would recommend in Boystown:
        • Cellblock - Cellblock is a kink friendly bar on Halsted just north of Addison
        • Sidetrack - Located on Halsted a bit south of Addison Sidetrack is a good bar to check out; especially if you need a break from IML activities for an hour.
        • Roscoe's - Also located on Halsted a bit south of Addison Roscoe's is a good bar to meet friends at. If you want you can play pool, dance, or just listen to the music.

  • Vic Theater - This theater will hold the IML contest/events on Friday and Saturday. The theater is just a little west of the Belmont Redline stop and a short walk from Boystown.
  • Cheesies Pub and Grub - If you need some good greasy food and you are at Boystown head to Cheesies. The restaurant/bar is just a few feet from the Belmont Redline stop and Vic theater so it is in a good location and they serve great grilled cheese.

    • Andersonville/Rogers Park - About 6 miles north of downtown you will find the Andersonville & Rogers Park neighborhoods. While the neighborhoods are nice if you are in town for IML I would recommend these are the three locations:

  • Other Tips
    • Skip Navy Pier - Although Navy Pier is somehow the #1 tourist attraction in Illinois you will find yourself hard-pressed to be entertained there for more than thirty minutes. Navy Pier is a great place for bored families to entertain the kids for a few hours.
    • Skip the deep dish pizza - most Chicagoans I know do not actually eat deep dish pizza. I think it is food that was invented for tourists...the only time we eat it is when we have friends from out of town come in and want to try it. If you want some Chicago style food get yourself a Chicago style hot dog or Italian beef instead.

  • Finally, have fun and play safe at IML! My partner and I will see you there!


    Update #1 - My friend (and sub) 31 thought it would be worth mentioning that the
    Art Institute of Chicago is just a short walk south from the host hotel. He suggested that the weekend patrons would enjoy the look of leather daddies amongst the Monet's. In all seriousness though, the collection at the Art Institute is excellent

      Chicago Tips for IML 2013 | BOUND by Fossil9

      Saturday, May 04, 2013

      International Mr. Leather 2013

      The world's hottest leathermen will come together to compete for the title of International Mr. Leather 2013, as IML celebrates its 35rd Anniversary, Friday, May 24 through Monday, May 27, 2013 (Memorial Day Weekend) in Chicago.

      About 400 gay leathermen gathered in Chicago in 1979 for the first International Mr. Leather contest. Today, the event has grown to be an annual tradition for thousands in the leather community - drawing contestants and attendees from around the globe. Once an event for "hardcore" leathermen, IML has expanded in recent years to include a more diverse crowd - from the experienced to the curious.

      Here in the Visitor's Guide section, you'll find information on: