Sunday, July 14, 2024

Austin Wolf Charged With Child Pornography

Austin Wolf, an adult film star, has been charged with child pornography amid ongoing FBI investigation.

His apartment allegedly contained hundreds of videos of child pornography.


Friday, July 05, 2024

RIP Evan Mercy

 RIP Evan Mercy

Last May, he made local news. He lost his life in a motorcycle accident May 25th 2024. No official cause of the crash has been made public.

Saturday, March 09, 2024

FSC to Hold Webinar on Taxes for Adult Industry Professionals

FSC to Hold Webinar on Taxes for Adult Industry Professionals 

LOS ANGELES — FSC will conduct a “No Stigma, All Strategy: Taxes for the Adult Industry” webinar on Tuesday, March 5 at 11 a.m. PST.

The session will feature a tax expert who specializes in supporting the adult industry, in an event described as “within a completely judgment-free zone.”

The webinar will offer “invaluable insights and guidance specifically designed for adult professionals’ unique needs,” a rep noted. “Navigating the complexities of U.S. taxes is a challenge for many, especially for members of the adult industry managing their own businesses.”

Topics to be covered include: the essentials of American income tax for adult content creators; strategies for staying tax compliant in the U.S.; insights into common business expenses for the industry; and how to find accessible, professional and judgment-free financial services.

The webinar will be targeted to the needs of all adult industry professionals, like entrepreneurs in the adult content industry, influencers navigating their financial journey, cam models looking for tax guidance, sex workers seeking financial empowerment and performers wanting to optimize their tax situation.

To register, visit the FSC’s Zoom page for the event.

Derek Kage Guests on 'And Now We Drink' Podcast

Derek Kage Guests on 'And Now We Drink' Podcast 

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — 2024 XBIZ Gay Performer of the Year Derek Kage is the latest guest on the “And Now We Drink” podcast, hosted by Matt Slayer.

On the episode, Kage discusses his career success, personal struggles and the trials he faced while working in the industry.

"It was my and my liver's pleasure to speak to Matt on ANWD for almost three hours,” Kage said. “We discussed butt stuff, trans activism and closeted conservatives, among many other things, while enjoying fine bourbon and rye. I hope the fans enjoy it just as much as I did."

The episode is streaming on AndNowWeDrink.

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Monday, January 22, 2024

Sunday, January 14, 2024

Sunday, January 07, 2024

Paul Captured - New Update

 Paul Captured - New Update

Check out the rest of this free gallery at the RageMiami website. Debuts New Series 'Dirty Cop'


LOS ANGELES — exclusives Dom King and Joey Mills star in the studio's new series, "Dirty Cop."

The three-part series also features Damian Night, Morgxn Thicke, Harrison Todd and Colton Reece.

As the first episode opens, Mills gets "caught on tape sneaking into the evidence locker to jack off while sniffing boxers, then cumming all over them, and police chief Dom King won't stand for it," the synopsis reveals. "He makes Joey turn in his gun and badge, and also his complete uniform, including his boxer shorts, but Joey comes back into the office in time to catch the chief committing the same crime. Joey sucks Chief King, and Dom rims the disgraced constable, then gives him his nightstick on the desk."

In the second episode, Night "is chasing down the villain who pickpocketed him when he runs right into hot police officer Morgxn Thicke. Morgxn takes Damian to the precinct to fill out a report, and gets a very thorough description of the perp, especially his bulge. Damian checks out the officer's bulge for comparison, and the guys suck each other, then Morgxn rims Damian and pounds him on his desk."

In the final episode, Todd "gets so horny while driving, he just has to start stroking himself — but then he gets pulled over for driving erratically. When his glove compartment is full of dildos instead of his license and registration, officer Colton Reece brings him back to the station. Colton grills Harrison about his extensive rap sheet for indecent exposure, then tells the twink to try getting naked in the police station, which makes Harrison super hard."

The first episode premieres Jan. 8 on; the subsequent two episodes drop each following week.

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